Real or self created sensation

she sat in darkness

cross legged in contemplation

she was drifting dreaming

looking for exaltation

as she sat without notion

of someone else close by

sat in her crop top and lycra tights

she was tuning into the vibes.

It was then she felt the hands upon her

reaching from behind

not sure if they were real

or creations of the mind

these hands wandered over her

feeling all her curves

she could feel the expectation

and essences rising up through her.

Her body reacted she relaxed

as she felt the hot breath on her neck

kisses place along her shoulder

was the best thing yet

as both hands explored over her top

caressing and kneading her breasts

was this all in her mind now or real

she still could not guess

eyes remained closed as if she did

not really want to know

as she felt herself moistening

and feel the heated glow

of sensual desire now

in it’s fullest flow

and as her yearning multiplied

hands wandered down inside

he tight lycra tights and filled her with

a sense of such delight

legs were crossed but she laid back

hands so warm had a sensitive sensual touch

as she let her body writhe and shudder

as she felt the rhythm and loved it

arching back her body she just let herself go

and as her body quivered hard

she felt everything flow.

Then in the heat of her exertions

she felt herself lying back

laying prostate now on the floor

heart beating fast as if in attack

her breathing heavy cheeks were flushed

but was this real or in her mind

as she got up and left the room

she saw her friend and they both smiled

was the experience self created

or was it that her friend had sneaked inside

the thought it may have been her friend excited her inside

and if it was just from a self created vibe

maybe she tell her friend to show her how to find

this moment of sensual release

to find this moment of intensity

she would have to think it over and work it out

but she knew one thing was true

that was her best mindful session without any doubt.

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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