The cost of modernisation

Modernisation at the cost and new technology

we are told is the future but what of the people

that work in these areas where they become surplus to this

that now have more free time but no money on which to exist

it’s ok moving forward but you have to take care of the humanitarian element

but you see I know that you don’t care

it’s all about profit margins and becoming lean and mean

you have mean covered when you replace people with machines

shut down your branches because everything’s online

it won’t be too long before the total high street decline

where there will be rows and rows of abandoned and derelict businesses and shops

tumbleweed high street haunted and lost

people will communicate only through use of mobile phones

outside will become an alien zone

because no jobs, means no money and no need to go out

which will cause a massive financial drought

I wonder if they have thought these plans thoroughly out

and yet something tell me yes because the rich won’t be effected

and if the poor struggle then why would they care

they can employ us as cheap servants to keep under their stairs.

Capitalism is not working except for the top one percent

it’s an unfair archaic system that uses the word ‘caring’ a a pretense.

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