Live your dream


I am never alone

For my conscious mind,

Holds memories

Of beauty defined,

I don’t need to be

Unhappy or sad,

I don’t need to ever feel that bad

Its all a state of mind,

Create your own imagination in which to find,

Your peace and love.

You can focus your life

On being free,

You can decide to live in conscious reality,

This is your choice to make

Its within you

Live your dream,


Live your dream

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  1. “You might not believe it
    But trust me this is true
    You fall for their poison
    And become a part of their crew
    I’m in a rebellion
    And I’m up against the truth
    So will you join me?
    Or will you be taken too?

    You’ll find it in rebellion
    Your body starts breaking in
    They’re not believing what they’re seeing
    ‘Cause you’re rebellion

    You’ll find it so compelling
    ‘Cause everyone’s yelling
    ‘Cause your soul you’re not selling
    ‘Cause you’re rebellion.” -Britney Spears “Rebellion”

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