The truth is not as you know it

I look around me at the bitterness and strife

Caused by the people of political right

But I hate no one so I won’t hate of them

Most are not fully aware of what they’re doing.

Most come from deprived and under privileged backgrounds

Lack the education and suffer under economic deprivation

Or are tossed aside by a society that doesn’t care

And along come those full of hate who point the finger of blame

At those immigrants of different colours and different faiths.

They are told these people steal your jobs and steal your house

They steal your women and want to steal the power

But this simply is not true and was the same tactic used by Hitler

And that policy demean the intelligence of me and you.

The same right wing politics is in place to day

Remove the Jews and banish all immigrants far away

Create a homeland that is entirely white.

Trouble is like Hitler once they achieve that who is next

Gypsies, and people with disabilities

Anyone in fact that’s different and do not fit their code

Six foot, blonde haired, blue eyed Arian truth be told.

Yet this may go by the board by those who exert right wing control

Those of power money and of privilege

Who set the races into this division

To distract us all from their exploitation and oppression

To ensure this free market state that only works for them

Is protected from those outside their walls

And only the select few will ever be let in

This power is used by the Illuminati and the Beilderberg Group

A group of select individuals controlling money war and hate

That interfere in every single state

Dark men with dark motivations

These are our real enemies

A different who need to be exposed and removed from power

To stop these things they do

They don’t care if your White, Black or Jew

They could careless if your an immigrant

Unless a danger to them you represent

Power is the problem and the enemy of the people

And its time to wake up now and take the power back

Under a united humanity all working as one

To build a better future and a better world for everyone.

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