Visionaries now so hard to find

Memes and quotes now define

A lack of substance it’s just top gloss and spin

Knee jerk clever words of dictionary thinking

But without the deeper philosophical meaning

Lack passion and continuity

Just some cobbled together views

Contradictory and confusing

We need visionaries coming through

With big ideas and big dream

Thorough worked through with a common theme

Consistent message

Consistent line

Inbred with honesty and caring defined

That stems from love and promotes peace

With Compassion for the vulnerable and weak

That want to bring about equality

Nurture our earth instead of exploiting it.

These are people that we need

Visionaries to lead

Not just some ignorant men and women

Who provide solely for the rich one percent

While others feel the suffering

And who want to take climate change as a real issue

Rather than just exploit our earth until it is of no use

So come on visionaries claim you place

Make your stand and bring about change

No tinkering with failed systems

But brand new ideas from out of the box thinking

That come from a different place than these past flawed plans

Kept in place by corporate man

We need radical

We need new

Visionaries of the world we need you.

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