Cold blooded insanity

Oh my god the polar bears are dying

And the penguin’s are in decline,

And seals are being slaughtered

Have we all lost our minds!

The ecosystems being destroyed in the name of corporate greed

But exploiting and destroying the Arctic is pure insanity.

Ask me if I am angry

I say ‘yes! And so the hell should you be

We need to take a massive stand

To put and end to all the cruelty

And learn to both heal and nurture our earth

Humanely and environmentally.

It makes me just so mad to think

That we can act so arrogantly

And amazes me how ignorant is our humanity.

7 thoughts on “Cold blooded insanity

  1. Everyone needs to read this! It’s really sad to see the remorselessness of people on this issue. It is as if we have a surplus of other planets to move to 😦

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  2. Very ignorant unfortunately… People don’t understand that when we kill cows, chickens etc. for pleasure and not for survival, we are in fact destroying this earth… Not to mention the cruelties against those animals that are eaten, and the price they pay for people’s selfishness. In return we get global warming, which causes more suffering, because now wildlife is threatened too… The irony is, people will always say “…but” to defend their lusts. “…but bacon.” “…but cheese.” … Aparently tastebuds win over compassion.

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