A lift home into the sensual zone



She had to stay at work late one night

Spoke with her husband he said that’s alright

she said she would make her own way home

he said that’s fine but don’t do it on her own.

As she worked late and it got dark outside

a college asked how much longer she would be

he said I pass your way so he could drop her off

she smiled and said that she was nearly done and would be pleased

to accept his lift and catch a ride with him

and they both finished up they made small talk to the lift

ready for the journey home.

He told her he had noticed her beautiful smile

and how much grace and class she exuded

she thanked him for the compliments

and said she found him pleasing to the eye as well.

Getting in the car in the basement of the office block

he looked at her with a yearning in his heart

she looked back and gave him a full smile

and placed a hand upon his cheek and then they kissed

slow and sensual at first but then with a passion as they both yearned

for the same thing that they both need now and nothing was about to stop them

as she felt him move down and kiss her neck and undo the buttons on her shirt

and she felt his breath as he moved over her chest kissing the top of her breast

she stroked his hair, arched her back and pulled his head in close to her,

his faced nuzzled deep into her breasts as one hand then slipped down

and pulled up her tight little skirt and felt the lace fabric that he thought of

many times before and slipped his hand inside and heard a passionate sigh

as he encroached in side and felt he essence flow and his mind went wild.

She felt such a feeling of pure bliss and loved the taste of his kiss

and she squirmed and she started to grind and thrust he hips

as he helped her essences flow and he legs now fully akimbo

she needed him to full fill her sordid needs and in whispers started to plead

he heard her voice as it echoed through his head and lifted and turned her

so she was faced backward over the seat, with her skirt above her hips

he moved behind her slowly turned her head and placed a long kiss on her lips

and then she them both become one and she felt herself come undone

as he sated her desires and at the same time rose her passions higher

and as she felt his body pressing against hers she savored the animal lust

and could sense the love by him being gentle, not to rough, this was not just sex this was making love

and she approved and she got her hips to move in the same rhythm and time as him

and as they both danced the dance of such delight she felt her heart warm under the basement light

as they both reached that incredible peak that resonated sounds of love right throughout the car from their lips and heart.

As they sat  sitting in the car basking in a silent glow, they both wore smiles

because they both knew that moment was a moment of gold

that would live on in the memories of their mind until they were grey and old

and as she sat skirt still up round her hips and blouse still open she took out her phone

and took a selfie of her self in full glow and sent it to her husband at home

saying that she was now done and would be soon be back on way but was delayed

her husband text back and said that was ok and by they way she looked great

the other man he was lost for words and she smiled and explained they were open in every way so it’s ok

and that it was time that they were on their way, so he drove her home

and as they pulled up outside she thanked for an amazing night

and maybe sometime they could do this again kissed him sensually on the lips

pulled down her skirt did up her blouse and walked away leaving him in a state of disarray

with his thoughts and head spinning he knew not what to say

but would dream of when their paths would cross again

and then drove away.


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