Meager offerings

Meager offerings

Are all I can offer

When it comes

To material things

But when it comes

To offering you love

Then what I offer

Us truly outstanding

Boundless and with

Infinite depth

I will give you

The very best

Because that’s the love

That you deserve

And what for you

I have reserved

I will conquer your body

And infiltrate your mind

To ensure the love

I give you is sublime

I will manifest a spirit in you

One of which you never knew

That sparkled with wonder

And that opens its heart

To allow me to show you

Who you truly are

And just what it is

You crave and you need

I will make your heart race

And make your chest heave

As you feel the desire

That makes you suddenly breath

Faster and makes your whole body ache

Makes you grip the sheets

As you feel me take

You to a place

you’ve been longing to go

A place of the deepest live you’ve ever known.

I can’t offer much in material things

What I have is to meager

But I can offer you something

That will make your whole being sing

A spiritual love full of discovering

Just what it is that you have been missing

Until now.

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