Silent night

It was a silent night

Beneath the stars

Lights sparkled everywhere

A shooting light darted here and there

Leaving behind no trace

And as I walked under a waning moon

Noises rustled in my head

Among the trees and hedgerows

Something moved with a silent tread

And as I searched a bright dazzled every inch of my vision

Like a dozen super bright torches

In constant varying collisions

And as I stepped through a clearing

I heard a whispering of alien voices

That suddenly fell into hush as I entered the ring

As I cast my eye around I saw a crop circle had appeared

Then I saw the images of beings I felt I should revere

And they gathered round and stared at me

Their eyes black as ebony yet like space they were infinitely clear

I heard no words but felt them communicating through their minds

And had a debate about what they should do with me

But there was no malice or hate

They offered me a chance to travel way among the stars

And they offered me the chance of which I could simply stay

But there was only ever one choice for me

As I dreamt universal dreams

And decided to take a ride with them

For all eternity.

Via:Daily Prompt: Silent

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