A night of tales

Sharing a moment of sweet bliss

sensual touches and sweet kisses

she felt her body was on fire

in her mind she could hear

the voices of a holy chior

it’s been a while since she had felt like this

in fact the truth was

she did not quite expect this

the passion and the pleasure

was beyond measure

she arched her back and reached her peak

this was the experience she seeked

and as she gripped tight on the sheets

there was a sense of such relief.

Her phone then rang

and it was her husband

checking every thing was ok

making sure that she was safe

ensuring she was in bed now.

She said she was and the night has be amazing

exceeding all her expectations

and she would see him in the morning

with the tales of this night to tell

and just how it felt

and he was pleased for her

and he said he would let her get on

he knew the night was young

and still time for so much fun.

This she knew was true

and give her man a smile of rue

asked if he was ready to start again

she said she need a story of a night worth telling.


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