Self created hell

In the gloaming

She was roaming

In the mists of time and love,

There was silence

The was brooding violence

Riding on the waves,

In the darkness I see lights

In the distance I see slight

Imagery of her in flight

Disturbed by the fright,

That shivered down her spine

As demonic voices rose aloud

And hands tore at her clothes

She felt herself dragged to the ground

And forced into deviance gagged and unable to make any sound,

No one close to hear or witness

Her muffled scream and sounds,

All her protestations fell without making not one ounce of difference

As the demons had their way

Using her and abusing her at every single stage,

Then in her mind she conjured up positivity and light

And this laid waste to all the demons

And turned darkness into light

And as daybreak raised its head

And she found herself laying in a swamp half dead

And lost beyond all reason that she had to survive at all,

She just drown in her own consciousness

Of her self created hell,

That she could maybe have forestalled

If she awakened herself from within her hermit shell.

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