I miss you

The heart beat resonates

In a slow quiet hush

Its lost the passion and the love

Deep in the core the life sustaining blood

Trickles slowly it doesn’t flow fast any more.

The brain is still now but not in meditation

The brain is still comatose by how it has suffered

Now it’s just numb now like nothing will ever matter.

The soul is now dark

The Luminescent glow has diminished

Like a candle the once burned bright

Its burned out and offers next to very little light.

Look at those eyes

I remember how much life I saw in them

But now they have a dead look

Now I see no life or fire in them

They were like a doorway to the universe

Now I just see in them nothing but pain and hurt.

Is there any hope

That we can revive this body

Is there any chance that we can rewrite this story

Does it have to end like this

I already miss

The firebrand that I knew was you

The one person I knew was awake and spoke the truth

The one being filled with unconditional love

For all humanity

The one I thought could never lose their faith or spirituality

Whatever happened to you

What did they do to you

Or did it just get to much and take far to much from you

I miss you.

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