Miraculous us

Our whole being here is miraculous

So why do we not make the most of it

Why do we have to be subjected to minority rule

And unjust laws without a cause

Suffer under oppression and corruption

And be divided into left and right wing factions

And by colour, faith and gender

Why do we judge by sexuality

Why is it we spend all our life hoarding material possessions

Yet neglecting our spiritual, rightful and good intentions

We spend most of our lives working under a corporate sign

Making rich people richer

As our standard of living declines

To the point you cannot pay your bills and you are living out of food banks

In other countries they being oppressed by guns and tanks

And why is it that we’re allowing the Arctic to simply melt

Watching polar bears and penguins sadly starve to death

And why is that the Internet has turned people into pervs and trolls

And why is it that through domestication

Were told we need to be controlled

When in fact we’re miraculous entities

Who come from energetic mysteries

That we cannot seem to find ourselves

And look within and find the answers

That reside within our soul

For us to manifest in its purest form that’s known love and peace

In unconditional and beautiful divine thought

That can not be sold or brought

But that is here for those awakened

To see the lessons and do not have any fear of being taught

Because the fool thinks he knows all the answer

When the wise man does not agree at all

And states that he knows nothing

We shows the measure of his wisdom

Is not that small.

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