We need to learn the meaning of coexistence

Mind bending ideologies

transforming what has been,

into something that’s so extreme

we need to see reality

we need to learn to coexist

and let people believe

what works for them

even if it does not work for me.

We have to learn to get on

we need to come together

we need some unity

we need to all feel we are free

to express ourselves individually

without fear hanging over us

just because of what we believe

we need to be able to exist equally.

9 thoughts on “We need to learn the meaning of coexistence

  1. When Social media gets some testicular foortitude and replaces “LIKE” with “LOVE”, this would be consciousness in right action to be shared as we look for peace. Let me start LOVE. LOVE. LOVE………Like nothing; Love everything and everyone!!!

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  2. EXISTENCE is stress, not happIness. It’s a virus we do not need nor should share especially when we are pre-wired for a-bun-dance. Community Communication and Collaboration is what will get us there. EXISTENCE is LACK with a lot of ‘B’s’ it’s an ECONOMIC trick that holds us ALL back. Trying to free with the three co’s takes stress to trauma, dis-ease a drama and the ephemeral exiting unexciting Bill’s planetary Stage left rewriting old paradigms, not bright sighted and unrequited times. Peace and Love are the keys. PLEASE!

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