Night time dreaming

As night time drifts into our lives

And the stars are shining bright,

I hear echoes in my head that create a cosmic web,

That manifests the filigree of light

And as the echoes reach a peak,

I feel love begin to speak

And it reaches out from the universal void,

So as we sing in harmony

To the choral symphony,

Rejoicing hallelujah rhymes of joy and of grace.

And as our spirit rains divine

I feel the night has become sublime

And as the moon traces across the ebony sky,

I feel my heart full to burst

Eradicating any hurt,

I know that the echoes, love and light

Are so healing.

So I give thanks and gratitude,

I share my unconditional love with you,

Hear the echoes playing tunes

Of cosmic glee.

And as I witness this night so fine,

I feel it resonates in time

And defines my life of eternal hope and dreams

That I believe will one day release me

From this mundane mediocrity,

That is a life of fake reality

That offers nothing but bleak obscurity.

Image courtesy of: Pinterest

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