Let me save you

The touch of my fingers on your skin

You know is so inviting

So don’t pull away

Don’t hold back

Trust your instincts and let me in

Let me heal your most painful wounds

Let me ease your grief and soothe

Your heart and soul

Let my spirit into you

So we can combine

So we can strong

We can right all of the wrongs

That you’ve suffered in your life

Let me in and help you shine your light again

Let me help you open your heart to love

You and me together are enough

To bring about a spiritual accord

To heal the hurts you can’t afford to carry any longer

I know your ready to snap

I can feel the grief causing you to crack

And your lights to perfect to go out

You’re to important without a doubt

You’ve still to much to offer

For you to fade to grey

Your far to previous for me to watch you pass away.

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