My sleepy town

Dark morning harsh wind

Snow is steadily falling

I am the only one about

Everything is quiet in this town

Yet I go about my day

More work to earn some pay

Most people still warm in their beds in my town

So maybe that’s why I wear a frown.

New Year is coming and I am hoping for

New opportunities and change

So I keep my head up

Maybe if I keep on pushing this way

With my own humble creativity

Something may just happen

I can only hope

Something may just suddenly turn around

Because life is like a kaleidoscope

Each turn brings new patterns

Each turn can be so random

Why shouldn’t my hard life

Turn to something good

If I keep working at it like I know I should.

Meanwhile my town is sleeping

And off to work I am creeping

No one else about it seems it’s just me

I guess I must be living the dream.

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