Unorthodox love song

Can it be really so

I just do not know

How is it that people have lost

Their sense of love and empathy

Seems they have become so immune

And desensitised to so much

Have we forgotten we are miracles

Part of one race, from the one love

Have we lost our way in distraction

Now we have been divided into factions.

Division brings tribal thoughts

Take a side then you are caught

Domestication how we are taught

Obey the rules, do as they say

Do not question anything

Accept what it is that we say

But when there seems so much war and death

How can we just accept

This is our world and humanity

Why do we believe that we were made this way

When we are made of love and light

I know they’ve got it twisted in everyway

So find the love and unity

To heal our humanity.

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