The past can eat you alive

I remember better days

I choose to forget the bad

Though I learnt from them

But they won’t hold me back

Or make me doubt myself

Because mistakes happen

They are part of the learning curve

If you don’t make mistakes

Then you are not living

Or maybe your just lying

To keep up a fake facade.

We have all done things that we regret

But that won’t define me or shame me

I chose to forgive myself and try to make recompense

And I showed remorse that was heartfelt

What else can we do

What’s the point of carrying it with

Like a burden weighing you down

As long as you learnt from it.

Guilt is a terrible thing

It can cause your life to go to rack and ruin

And this is negative energy a kind of sort of self pity

It does not health the hurt you caused

And you may find as a rule

That those you hurt will not forgive you

No matter what you try to do

So make recompense in a you do

Towards being good and being true

That’s as much as you can do.

Let go of the past it can’t be changed

Live in the present and live a life renewed

And be the spiritual in you

And live right

Live good and most of all

Live true in everything you do.

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