Banshee Gothic Queen of Blood and Lust


In her chamber she sat among the red blood like mist surrounding her upon the floor in her black thigh high boots and stockings and her black tight bask setting off the whiteness of her skin. Her black hair tied back highlighting her wild ebony eyes and her red blood soaked lips. She sat in her gothic chamber feasting off the bodies of her victims, both male and female. She luster after the strong essence of men yet delighted in the delicate fragrance of the female form. Savouring the beauty of their sweet juices. She roared with delight as she devoured more and more. She felt the eternal power that their essences would supplement her with. Ripping and tearing, gnashing and biting. Her long fingers digging and diving into her feast, then moving to her mouth to be licked and sucked clean. So into her feast was she, that she never noticed the spirits of her victims crowding round and as their blood ran down her heaving ample white firm breasts, the grabbed her arms and pulled them wide, lifting as they did, then grabbed her legs pulling them wide apart as she struggled, writhed and twisted. She let out screams like a Banshee but still their grip held strong. Suddenly a black hole appeared in the wall of the gothic chamber and she found herself being pulled towards the void. Screaming and Roaring, cursing and shouting, her eyes wide open in wild fear and yet threats of damnation she felt the pull of the void, the power of its suction and I that moment she knew she was damned. Arching her back and through back her head she made one sudden lung to escape but the grip she was held in was the grip of death. Some say if you visit her chamber you can still hear the screams faintly today. The Banshee Gothic Queen of Blood and Lust paid for her evil deeds.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. Wow. That was unusual for you Fauxcroft. I like it. Very picturesque way of describing the scenes, a splendid vocabulary and graphic details. The style is fluent and vibrant, just enough to carry the story the proper way. Great post. I really liked it Sergeant Fauxcroft. 😀

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