11 thoughts on “Hunters

  1. I get your poem. I know there are those that do it for sport (not personally) and those who do it to live. Those who live in villages and such and, example, those who live in Alaska and need to hunt. What do you consider sport? The first thought that comes to my mind are the ones we see in the news celebrating a hunt in another country that I or you might consider inhumane. Most usually the harvest goes to the poor or charities and villages. Just to kill should be prohibited for sure though.

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  2. Hm. I support your narrative, but last winter we had wolves in my village. Some sheeps got killed that would previously feed a family. I am sorry to say, but we had to take actions. People never got their sheep’s back, nor they had meat for the winter. Nevertheless, your post is great and message also Sergeant Fauxcroft. 😀

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