The whale

I saw a picture of a beached whale

And it died but it was full of plastic inside

I wanted to avert my eyes

To hide my shame to know that we do this

By polluting seas with all of our trash

We sacrifice the environment for cash

Disposable waste does not wash away

We have to be more mindful of our actions everyday.

I see the image and know man is to blame

And we need to put and end to out dirty ways

We have to stop the waste pollution

To save our shame

We are the filthiest species and the most callous race

That has ever been seen.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

20 thoughts on “The whale

  1. Irrelevant to your post…but I noticed that my reply has a stamped time of 2:50 pm. Considering it was only 7:52am time of post. ? Happy day your way!!

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  2. I have not once forgotten this horrifying unsuspecting slaughter!! What to do? What to do? Probably not this generation,, but an up and coming generation will pay the price for man’s irresponsible and selfish actions. Maybe if we all weren’t going to die one day, and be forced to live here forever…mankind would take better care of the earth? Then again, witnessing man’s past, and present, not much has changed by way of behavioral patters?

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    1. Yeah I know what you mean, man needs to learn and evolve but I wonder at times if it can. Has humanity reached its ceiling of evolution. Is out next step self extinction? Will it take everything down with it? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope we can change yet and break through that ceiling and become better than we are and have been.


      1. Fantastic reply, thank you! There are thank goodness, as I am very confident that you are aware..countless people around the world who are doing magnificent work and efforts to maintain a balance for evolution to beautifully evolve? At least a fighting chance. Greenpeace, etc. Yes, there are still many more issues to deal with, one step at a time, if time will permit? Mankind can not keep destroying everything it touches, including each other, and then eventually fall back on their butts and ask “what happened to our world? Many are asking that very question now! What you bring to the forefront is commendable!

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      1. Yes! I do hope you will keep this post out in front for a while. There will be no recovery for what mankind has done.I will never forget your post.I am going to share with each of my offline loved ones and many people whom I know! Post of the day and our lives ! Brought me to tears, and great sorrow.

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