The whale

I saw a picture of a beached whale

And it died but it was full of plastic inside

I wanted to avert my eyes

To hide my shame to know that we do this

By polluting seas with all of our trash

We sacrifice the environment for cash

Disposable waste does not wash away

We have to be more mindful of our actions everyday.

I see the image and know man is to blame

And we need to put and end to out dirty ways

We have to stop the waste pollution

To save our shame

We are the filthiest species and the most callous race

That has ever been seen.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


14 thoughts on “The whale

      1. Yes! I do hope you will keep this post out in front for a while. There will be no recovery for what mankind has done.I will never forget your post.I am going to share with each of my offline loved ones and many people whom I know! Post of the day and our lives ! Brought me to tears, and great sorrow.

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