Toxic species



We are toxic as a species

with the life we lead,

polluting everything

on land, sky and sea,

it maybe controversial

but a fact is still a fact

and unless we make a change

and soon there will be no way back.

From Mount Everest to the Himalayas

to all of our oceans and seas,

the sky above and the air we breathe,

pollution dominates everything

and why is this so

it’s simply because mans lust for greed

and mans insatiable need

for things that have very little sustainability

in what has become a throw away  society.

We need to learn to clean up our act

need to put back rather than detract

from the resources that this earth gives

if as a species we are to continue to live

on a planet that can sustain all our needs

but not necessarily all of our greed

we need to stop cutting down trees

the lungs of our earth

that make it possible for us to breathe

and put and end to this plastic disease

and an end to the dirty fuel misery

and start to thrive in harmony with our earth.


Picture courtesy of Pinterest



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