A treat to know

She was a treat

To good to believe

She was the brightest star

That I had ever seen

With great looks

And with the curves

She was intelligent

To the point of being absurd

And it was that mind

That captivated me

The looks and the curves

Was a bonus to me

She could weave images

And cosmic tales

She inspired everyone

Without fail

She create awesome dreams

And magnificent beliefs

That she’d have me hooked

Without being mistook

She was the honesty

Representing the truth.

I was so sad

When she went away

But it was not my style

Obstruct her each day

She needed to fly

She needed to spread her wings

It wasn’t right to cage such a beautiful thing

So I let her fly away

Let her go find and discover a place

That she felt was home

And maybe who knows

That maybe one day

She will come back again.

Via:Daily Prompt: Treat

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