Dream woman

Was his dream of her viable

She looked so delectable

But he knew she was a woman of fine words

And she could have the finest things in life

So why would she look at him tonight

Why would this angel of delight

Ever consider even recognising him

So he stood back and admired from afar

He would worshipped her at the terminal of beauty

If he thought it would have done any good.

So the night went on and sated himself

With stories created between them in his imagination

He was restrained by the awe he had for her,

And he watched work the room

He grace, her style, her beauty and aplomb

Of drawing people in and amazing them

Gave him more reason to believe he would be out of his depth

So he decided to make no advances

And as the night drew to an end

And she had danced so many dances

She passed him by and the smell of her perfume was divine.

She stop just as she passed

Then looked and smiled at him at last

And said ‘I can’t wait are you going to ask?’

He was taken aback and enquired what he should ask?

And she said ‘I was hoping you would ask to take me home’

And as he reeled from the shock

He managed to get back on top

And said that it would be bliss

If she would let him take home

On an a night such as this

And that’s exactly what in the end he did

And his life was never better because of this.

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