Too long suffering

Humanity has a long history of suffering

That goes back to the start of time

I wonder when we will realize

When we will we choose to open our eyes

And start evolving beyond war and hate

Go beyond this negative state

Stop dividing in to tribal group

And start uniting for the common good

Or is this beyond our ability

I do believe this to be true you see

I think we can achieve harmony and peace

If we stop letting those hell bent on power and greed

Rule over us collectively.

We need to take responsibility

Be will to accept accountability

For the lives that we choose to lead

Governed by your own unique set of beliefs

The define you individually.

When are we likely to evolve

When are we like to transition I don’t know

But I feel a shift may come if we all just come together as a whole

So we can take back full control

Of our own lives

And manifest love and unity

Move to a new place of enlightening

This my spiritual belief.

5 thoughts on “Too long suffering

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  2. Lovely poem. I think about this every day. We must all come together and stop the division! We are all one and we have only this planet. It’s the only way that we can survive and live in harmony. ~Rika

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