The love game, real or myth?

Broken heart

Bruised ego

We run the risk

Everywhere we go

Everyone we meet

And fall in love with

Can make us happy

Or damage us sorely

Do we give up

And not play the game

Or do we come back

Time and again

Do we become bitter

Or do we learn

In this search for love

That we always yearned

Does it really truly exist

This love that is that magic thing

Or is it all just a myth

Instilled in our conditioning

To keep us distracted

From our real lives

Wrapped up in the whole love lie

You forget what’s important out there

We forget to care

About anything else

Except is our true love out there

Is this an aspiration unrealistic

Is the truth that we are missing it

Unconditional love for all

Is the greatest love of all.


13 thoughts on “The love game, real or myth?

  1. Hey, this was a really good one! If you don’t mind an amateur comment, the last two lines kinda don’t fit it, like they stand out of place.
    I’ve read a lot of your poems, and am a huge fan. Felt like pointing something out for the first time. No offence meant 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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