Young she was and able to tease

Though inexperienced her eyes gave pleas

That she as temptation was in need of release

And had a beautiful body built to please

And that’s all many men saw

But beyond and within there was so much more

And if her conscious mind you chose to explore

You would know she deserved to be adored

Her wit and her wisdom as to her intellect

Set her apart from being just an object of sex

Though her toned abdomen

And toned long slender legs

Were to many an added privilege

She had the most stunning long dark silken hair

Lips so red you would want to kiss if you dare

Her eyes deep blue resonate an ocean

I think she emits a love sick potion

That men drank in whenever near

She was irresistible that much was clear

Though at an age where she had not long left her teens

She was still inexperienced in a sense that was worldly

Still occasionally gullible to the ploys of men

Who sort to be taking advantages

Still she had the ability to make men go weak at the knees

Or breakdown them down effortlessly

When they tried to treat her like she was naive

Or tried to own her because she loved being free

This girls transition to womanhood

Was an awesome sight to see.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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