Permanent as a thought

Is there any reason to believe that anything is permanent

In world that is exception created in impermanence

And based on that is it worth worrying to much

About anything lasting because we know for a fact that it wont

And is impermanence such a bad thing

Stops life getting stale by constantly refreshing

And although there are things maybe we would like to last

Maybe they’re not good for us in context of forever after

And if you think long and hard is anything truly permanent

I think you would struggle to think of anything

Aside maybe for death

And that is an opinion that could be questioned in truth

Is death truly a final end or just a brief interlude.

2 thoughts on “Permanent as a thought

  1. It all depends on how you watch at death. In some cultures, death was considered as a joyful thing, as the dead person was relieved of struggle and suffering of the mortal world and passed onto the immortal one. Some questions just can’t be answered that easy. 😀 Good writing Sergeant Fauxcroft. 😀


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