Funnel of light

A funnel of light came shining through

Into the darkness to rescue you

Caught in oblivion an endless void

You thought that there was no hope in truth

But the reality is keeping faith

Was the one thing that got you through

Holding on tightly though all seemed lost

Deciding whether it was worth it or not

Then judging that patience would be worth the cost

You kept calm when many may have lost their heads

And when the light came it justified your decision

Showed it was the best

Answer that you found within yourself

And though you never thought you had the fortitude

Let me say now I always believed in you

And you showed how strong you are in all truth.

Via:Daily Prompt: funnel

4 thoughts on “Funnel of light

  1. I found your poem to be profoundly beautiful and so very gentle to someone, anyone, even self, to have jumped the hurdles of harsh realities while wearing light! Your poetic voice is to be heard.

    Liked by 1 person

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