Equality for all seeds

The problem with society is inequality

And the divisions that they create between you and me

When I don’t care about your colour, gender, faith or sexuality

As long as you are kind to all humanity

As long as you want to help environmentally

And stand up in the name all the other species

Then discover where’s the love

So we can bring it back

Find the true meaning of compassion

The politicians and leaders lack

And help to build a better world of sustainability

Look to put an end to all the corporate greed

And this is something we can do

Its possible to achieve

As long as we regain our live, compassion and humanity

We are all just one race that we call human beings

But in fact as energy we are a bigger family

That incorporates every animal, plant and tree

Because we are all created from the same universal seed

So maybe now it’s time for you to see

The change for need

And look to help to bring about universal equality

For every single one of nature and creations miraculous seeds.

Image courtesy of Pinterest (cosmic seed)

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