Have you ever felt

That you are losing your way,

That you need to take stock

Of who you are and where you are going,

Have you ever felt confused and torn apart

About what you should do,

When the mind says different from the heart.

Have you ever felt that you are losing your way

That not everything seems too go your way,

Yet still you know it’s an important time for change,

Yet bringing about change can be hard

It can be like wading through treacle,

Change can be so hard because of other people.

Have you ever felt that you are losing your way

Like the path has gone even though you did not stray,l

And maybe we failed to pay attention

When it’s direction changed

And maybe we need to find it once again,

Because we are lost in confusion

Not sure which way to go,

We are lost in amidst the busy life from the seeds that we have sown

And now we can’t see the way

Because life’s obscured by to many things

And we need too make a change and start clearing,

The obstructions in our way

If we are to find the destination we are hoping to gain,

If we are to achieve and find the place where we want to be

That will give us peace of mind once again

So we can be happy.

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