Take it easy, take it slow

She said I like things simple,

and I said ‘I know right, I ain’t gonna lie, I am much the same,’

she said do we have over complicate things too much

and I said ‘I am as easy as you want me too be

and I am not into doing heavy, let’s just see how it goes.’

It seems too me these day that people can get a little obsessed

by even the slightest hint that somebody else is interested

friendship is where everything should start

before any love can be truly grown

a flame that burn real hot, tends too burn for a shorter time.

So take things easy let it flow and take your time too get too know

each other before getting too involved

for everything is better when you feel comfy and at ease

don’t let your self get in far too deep, it’s like committing too something unseen

and things may not always to turn out as love’s sweet dream

so take your time, let it flow and let it happen easy.

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