The warrior Queen in leather and lace

She wears leather

She wears lace

A warrior of grace

In a dress made of the holy silvery grail she dominates this place.

Legs to die for,

A body to adore,

A face of such beauty,

Men offer themselves to her duty,

She is fiery when roused

With a passion no one can douse,

She has the strength to endure

And yet a love that can cure.

She has elegance in her swagger

But don’t touch unless invited,

She has the attitude to inspire

And make you feel required,

To acquiesce to her every need

For she can eat you alive

So don’t just go for the ride,

If you want to be in her presence

Then you should offer up your essence

And show her your devotion

As you drink in her love potion,

Swear allegiance and fealty

And offer yourself Spiritually

And as she dominates and rules

And uses you as her tool,

Know that she is mightier than you

And that there is nothing you can do.

Offer yourself in primal supplication

And you may avoid eradication,

Offer her dedication

And she may give you education,

In the form of sensual deviations

That will shake your very foundations,

Back to the beginning of your creation

And as you beg for reincarnation

This warrior queen in leather and lace, an angelic incantation,

Will offer you eternity or incineration,

For the price of repatriation

With the love and the light,

And the wrong and the right,

She’s a warrior of truth

And depending on you,

You can be damned or be saved

Based on how you lived each day,

She is the goddess of good

Who is descended from heavens blissful neighbourhood,

With a mission to judge but also to love

Before finally ascending back up above,

Having sated herself enough

With love and with blood

Only she can do, what it is that she does,

She has a iron fist within a satin glove.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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