Don’t limit your thoughts

In the matrix sequence

Of conscious reality

We become aware of not only of what we see

We also become aware of what we don’t see

But in fact what we gauge intuitively

And what we perceive by living mindfully

As well as open mindedly

Willing think outside of the box

Suspending what we know as time governed by the clocks

Abandoning the knowledge of what we think we know

Living in the moment not yesterday or tomorrow

For the only precious moment

Is the one that you are in

Put aside your preset domesticated believing

Be like Ozymandias

Be your own King among Kings

And build your own empire and your own kingdom

Within the matrix of your mind

With your consciousness you can be creating

So do not limit yourself to what you’re doing

But also the potential for what you can do

And open yourself to the universe

And to biocentric truth.

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