The future is ours

Positivity shines a light

Use that light as your might

Use your might to help those who fight

Day and night just to survive

Open up your heart to all

Be benevolent never be cruel

Show your humanity and inner peace

Breathe in love and Exhale compassion

Take ours hands and join in unity

Combine as a global family

You and me help each other to be free

And never fail to believe

That the future is in our hands

No matter corporate and government demands

Live your life the way you please

Never be forced down on to your knees

Shine your light in all its filagree

Then spread your wings and flay away with me.

Let’s go and create our own dreams

There is nothing stopping you and me

Open up your heart and see. The love like us as energy

Will go on for eternity

So let’s ensure we do it living in grace, bliss and total peace.

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