Desert desperation

Carrion prey

And desperate days

As I crawl across

The desert wastes

Looking for water

Or some sustenance

Hoping for an oasis

In this parched expanse

Sun beats down

Its scorching solar rays

I feel there is no chance of escape

The vultures and hyaenas follow me

As with every moment the sun turns up the heat

As I crawl a bit further hoping to cheat

Death and the hungry prey stalking me

I have to try to maintain belief

Then from out of nowhere a sandstorm comes

And in an instant blocks out the sun

And a little while longer I am buried under the sand

As the sandstorm passes I thrust out a hand

Dig myself out with spluttering coughs

I think now I have really had enough

Fortunately all the prey have disappeared

One less thing now to fear

But as I turn to walk away

I see a mirage of men riding camels, my way

But I realise then it’s camel train

And I now may just be saved

And as they come closer I think I am in luck

They bind me up and put me in a truck

At the back of the train

I ask where are they going to take me

They said ‘far away, a place where people buy lost men’

I suddenly realised I am in trouble again

And as they drove off in the distance

I wondered when will this all end.

4 thoughts on “Desert desperation

  1. You always end the poem with a very deep thought or a strong punch line that makes me freeze in the moment and think. I don’t know how you do it so good and well. Great poems Sergeant Fauxcroft. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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