Carve out my heart

Under Thy Fingers* | Barefoot Whispers | A story of a stabbed heart and an emergency sternotomy #medicine #doctor #anatomy


I would like to carve my heart out

and keep it in a heart shaped box,

so I can show those in my own way

that it is here and kept unlocked,

free for anybody to walk in and enter

and share in the love I feel

and see the compassion within me

and show how much it would appeal,

compared to a cold, black, dark heart

that is locked and let’s no one in

and is filled with envy as well as hate

where compassion is never happening,

I would love to show you the passion and warmth

that flows and throbs around my heart,

so you can understand that loving is an art,

for those of open eyes and mind

and willing to flow in creativity,

so that it infects and spills over to everyone

and for whoever is in need.


Via: Daily Prompt: Carve


Image courtesy of Pinterest

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