Appreciating nature

Auburn Woods. Ghostly Memories by *autumn-ethereal" (lori rocks) -


I find nature enduring and opulent

with amazing colours that hold me in suspense,

I find that being in the heart of it

takes away my stress

and seems to heal the scars I’ve gained

through the harsh rigors of life,

I find the saying is true

that variety is the spice of life

and as I accept that truth

then I really have to say

nature is wonderfully spicy

in a state of bliss and grace

and this world would so drab

and there would be no human race

if you simply decided nature

is something you can eradicate

I am not sure anyone can understand

the importance of nature

if they cannot appreciate

all it offers and gives us

in each moment of each day

you do not need to live in the country

for it to infiltrate

you every aspect of life

for it is alive in towns and cities as well

respect and pay homage to it

then succumb under it’s magical spell.


Image courtesy of Pinterest



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