Open eyes and open mind

The quantum and the spiritual realms

Share so much in common

Both understanding energy

And the role they play in the lives we lead

Challenging domesticated beliefs

Than many people refuse to release

Themselves from day after day

Won’t open their minds

To the quantum and spiritual arrays

Of what real and illusory within life

And use the true potential of their mind

Sticking to the archaic ideas

Not out of research but more out of fear.

Things we see we believe to be solid

Like ourselves is illusory

We’re a swirling vortex created and made up

Of atoms and particles of light energy

Much like everything else we see

If we used our conscious mind to its fullest extent

Then maybe we would see then

Everything as energy rather the solid mass

And we would evolve and domesticated thinking would crash

Down around our restricted ears

And dissolve all of our greatest fears

As we understand as energy we never die

Then maybe as a humanity we would thrive

With brand new concepts coming from open minds

Where we would be thinking out of the box all the time

Where we have open eyes and are no longer blind

And the whole of our existence would be redefined

In quantum spiritual world sublime.

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