In love with this earth

I love the beauty of this earth

And I understand it’s natural worth

So it saddens me to what we do

Exploit it and then pollute

We need to clean up our acts

There is only one earth and that’s a fact

Don’t let’s greedy fat cats

Continue to mine coal, and continue to frack

Stop plastics invading our seas

Stop cutting down the trees that help us breathe

This my earth and I am in love with her

Because I understand and appreciate her worth

And everyone should be the same

For what’s happened to our planet we should all be ashamed

Hold our heads down low and swear to change

Before it’s to late

At the edge and we must take a step back

We need to change

Our polluting filthy, dirty, shameful ways,

I in love with this earth

And I understand and appreciate it’s worth

There’s no planet B,

So what the hell are you thinking

When you destroy what was once Eden.

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