Nobody knows a loophole like the rich and famous do,

No one uses loopholes like the politicians use,

They use unknown tax loopholes

To avoid how much they pay,

They use these tax loopholes

Like they are gravy trains,

Filling up their pockets

Stacking up the cash,

Getting filthy rich off those us who pay our way and our fair wacky,

Something is kind of wrong here

They won’t pay it back,

They seem to feel they’ve got the right to it

And the authorities are complicity slack,

At taking any action,

So the simply get away with it,

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous

It’s all in their favour,

Paradise papers went show

Where the monies are going too

And you and me will have to keep on working every single day,

Just to put food on the table

And to keep the wolf at bay,

While the rich, famous and politicians live life in luxury

Because they don’t pay what they should pay

Happy in the knowledge it’s all going their way.

Via:Daily Prompt : Loophole

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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