Crescent moon

A crescent moon arises

Above a landscape scarred by man,

It casts shadows on our shame

Shame we are too ignorant too understand,

I see a storm off in the distance

Something wicked this weekend comes,

Underneath a crescent moon

Humanity may come undone,

For all the greed and exploitation

For all the hate that we infect,

Within the matrix of our universe

For all the violence and the death,

The crescent moon it shines a light,

To sanctuary and unto our salvation,

If we are wise enough too grasp it

And prepared enough to listen,

If we follow the path of light

We may still avoid the storm,

If we show some love and rise our frequency,

We may yet still one day see,

A brighter future

One of which we can be proud,

For the children of the future,

For who we have a responsibility

That is without a doubt.

6 thoughts on “Crescent moon

  1. Wow, this is so beautiful and inspirational. The world needs to read this poem, maybe they’ll think differently.

    by the way, in the line, “If we are wise enough to to grasp it”, I think you repeated the “to” by mistake.

    Thank you for good content!

    Liked by 1 person

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