We have desires that manifest in every form

Yet controlling them and guiding them to not overcome you,

Is the hardest thing that many can do

They become attached and start controlling you,

The desire to be wealthy, beautiful or sexy,

The desire to be famous or to be things that we’re not,

Desire comes in so many ways

Like wanting everything good in life

But sometimes when we don’t get things

Maybe that’s not so bad,

Maybe it’s something we shouldn’t have,

Yet some people just can’t see this and just want it more,

Then things in life go bad and they then wonder what it’s all for,

When they got no money left

Or their friends have faded away,

Or no one likes them anymore,

Because they come across as fake,

Be your authentic self and accept what you get,

Desire can be fine, when controlled

But it can also infect you with a poison,

That obsessess you

And you end up with it overcoming everything that you think, say or do.

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