If not for them, then do it for humanity.

Sadly throughout history we have seen,

Man’s capability for inhumanity,

Against his and her fellow man

And it beggars belief

That this has never changed throughout the centuries.

What will it take for humanity to evolve

And the worst culprits for it are those who seek to lead and control,

I really just don’t know

And it frustrates me so,

That everyday you read about more war, death and hate,

Is it not about time, we created a better place,

Make a stand and say it can’t continue this way

And strive to make a societies a better and more peaceful state,

With compassion subduing anger,

With love overcoming hate

And peace taking over the place of war,

Is it not about time we expected more,

From those who seek to lead

They need to set an example,

They need to focus more on positivity,

And reject the traditional ways of negativity,

They need to unite all the people of the earth,

If not for their own sake

But for the whole of humanity.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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