I pay homage to creation and the omniscient one.

I bow to creation

And the benevolence of the one

True being of love and light

And bask in the omniscient divine

Who looks over me

Divine goodness flowing through me

In a essence that come from the universal source

As I float along this river of life’s course

And as I pay homage to the life I’ve been given

Forgive me I seem some times riven

With doubt or lack of faith or some times indecision

Its because in this life I am finding hard living

From hand to mouth trying to pay my way

In a world of lessons I am studying away but some times I falter

And some times I slip

But I know creation and the omniscient one

Are watching over and testing me

Like Job to see if I can keep my faith

Yes in being a spiritual being I off them my devotion and love.

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