The message I heard today

I saw a man today

Sitting on a bench seat on a wall

Giving out leaflets of bible facts

Preaching about God nothing strange about that

But I listened to his words and they caught me off guard

He was reciting stuff I regard

As nothing less than fear mongering.

He said God was soon to return

And that basically all of us sinners would burn

Yes God is coming back and we’re all going to die

That was the message and his reprise.

When and why doesn’t religion ever wise up

That using fear, guilt and threats just don’t help much

Its a negative message no one wants to hear

Which is why I hold spirituality so dear

Because unlike religion

It promotes love and light

Accepts people make mistakes and are flawed yet that’s alright

Because the God we believe in

Is loving, compassionate and forgiving

Unlike the God portrayed by religion

Who preaches hell and damnation

And immortal sin

Which I think is something no divine being would be preaching.

3 thoughts on “The message I heard today

  1. we are responsible for everything we do in this life and karma will do its job here not afterwards… anyway I’m not a religious person, more a spiritual one but it seems to me that most time religion is used to scare people..nevermind me just mumbling here

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