Species of nature

Nature is an amazing thing

Especially when you look carefully at all the species,

From those that crawl through the undergrowth,

Or dwell deep down in the depths of the sea,

To those who are giants that prowl the earth

And swim in the seas,

Not forgetting those that fly on beautiful wings,

Nature is an amazing miracle to me

Perfection personified and each unique.

4 thoughts on “Species of nature

  1. This is right in the light of my feelings! Nature is what God has given that didn’t have to be done. Why would He go to such trouble to make everything so beautiful? Because of His love. It is so obvious that we do for those we love, but think about that in comparison to our God. He loves everyone. He doesn’t just give to those who follow Him. He gives to all. Hmm…not too sure about that? What about the sun, does He limit it to certain favorite people? Of course not. There is air, wind, rain and snow, trees, water, Blessings galore! How fortunate we are!

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