Broken and downtrodden

Downtrodden people

On run down estates

Broken dreams

Swept under in the rat race

Broken homes

Dysfunctional families

Failed by the establishment and society

Given a second rate education

The wonder why they are the underclass of the nation

Given no opportunities

Forced in to squalor and thieving

Using drugs and alcohol as an escape

Have no concept of the problems this creates

Caught up then criminality

Even less chances now of achieving their dreams

But there are very few offering a hand

They look down their noses at the scum of the land

Use their comfortable life to laud

What they got which is more than them

I stand appalled,

Criticise everything they do

They’ve not got the faintest clue

Speak I’ll of them for committing benefit fraud

Look the other way when businessmen, and politicians

Evade taxes which amounts to so much more

Its unfair society an unfair state

Where the lowest in society always take the blame

While everyone else has a comfortable life

The poor and weak suffer the brunt of the pain

Now how’s that right

Born with a silver spoon in your mouth

Given the best education without doubt

It was written in the stars you would succeed

But deprived of all these things

It hardly surprising the poor end up on their knees.

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