The agreement

They agreed trust was everything

They would not cheat but keep communicating

So when she found herself with the opportunity

To allow her body to be pleased

And her desires to be eased

It was with his blessing of which she was pleased.

She was taken to the edge of every kind of lust

Remembered and ached at every thrust

Loved how she was made to writhe

To yearn as well as burn

She made sounds even she hadn’t heard

She felt her body desired, caressed kissed and licked

Her nevers and muscles responded to this

In a vice like climactic grip

She reached the moment, hit her peak

In an eruption perspiration and lust

This feeling she needed was an absolute must

She needed this bad

She needed this touch

And her husband was glad that she was fulfilled by such a great…

Moment in time.

Both happy for there was no cheating

Just an accord in the minds.

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